Virtual Reality for Construction

By August 11, 2016 Job Listings, News
A flight simulator for training pilots is a well-known and successful application of VR. Simulators are costly, but cheap compared to training with real equipment. Modern VR gear can provide the same quality of training support for a fraction of the cost: for example in the training of tower crane operators (see an example). Safety is an age-old problem in construction. Safety training using VR could possibly prevent many human tragedies. A simulated construction site could show how and where to use safety precautions. A simulation could also show the site’s progress at any given date. There are many applications for the use of VR in educating architects and engineers. Surprisingly, most designers have never worked at or even properly visited a construction site before they graduate. A virtual construction site would be a safe way to understand what happens on site.

What’s next?

Virtual reality is gradually developing into a useful tool. Unlike iPhones, VR will be adapted in phases, gradually. According to Nieler, VR is a platform business. The four leading platforms are Oculus, Valve & HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation, and OSVR. The number of competing platforms is a challenge for software and service developers, but also an opportunity, since rivalry speeds up development. Read Full Article Here Don't forget to check out our newest job openings!!

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