Ultimate Spotlight: Ryan Kelley

By November 10, 2015 November 17th, 2015 Ultimate Employee Spotlight

Welcome to the first in a series of the Ultimate Employee Spotlight. Each month we will catch up with some of our talented workforce and learn what it’s like out in the field, get tips on succeeding while out there, and so much more.

Meet Ryan, he’s a Journeymen Electrician who started with the Ultimate Group in May of 2015. Not only is Ryan an exceptional electrician, but a proven leader on the job site.

We caught up with Ryan this past week to see what he loves about working with us and his plans for the future. [Edited briefly for clarity]

1. How did you find out about Ultimate Group and how do you like working for us [Be Honest!]? 

I first heard about the Ultimate Group from an online advertisement. I really enjoyed how effortless it was to apply, but still had the option to express my skills as an electrician. I take pride in what I’ve learned how to do over the years and sometimes that get’s lost on a form.

Your honesty and transparency is everything. Even if its something you don’t want to hear, you all still shoot everyone straight. That’s something that’s extremely important when trying to juggle so many things in life. I know how to plan.

2. Shameless plug, but let’s talk a little about our company paid health benefits? How important is that for you?

Yes, after the 30-day waiting period I elected to participate in the Fully Company Paid health benefits package. It was extremely easy to add my family to the plan for surprisingly a little amount of money. When I was out on my own it was much more difficult to get this setup. It’s a great feeling knowing that I am covered medically, as well as my family.

3. What’s different working here?

The fact that Ultimate Group does not hold back a week in pay is huge. Getting paid weekly for the hours worked that week has been great for me and my families lifestyle. It helps to know exactly what you are making that week so you can be ready for up coming bills.

4. Are you taking advantage of the referral or recruitment partner program?  

Yes I am taking advantage of both the referral program and the partner program. I like the referral program because it has increased my pay rate 3 dollars per hour by simply referring 3 of my friends to Ultimate Group. I get to essentially choose the people I work with by bringing my friends along which makes work so much more enjoyable.

I also like that, that pay increase stays in affect as long as my friends and I are working.   I am also a part of the recruitment partner program. I really like this program because of how easy it is to make extra cash. I receive weekly emails telling me what positions Ultimate Group is now hiring for and I simply post it to my different social media sites and if Ultimate Group hires any one from one of my postings I get up to a $250 bonus per person they hire. 

5. If you had a friend looking for work, would you refer them to work with Ultimate Group? 

It’s not just about work with you all… The weekly cookouts, overall family atmosphere, and ways to make additional cash that truly make you know you all care about your field employees.

There’s some obvious shameless plugs in there but I think it just goes to show you what we’ve been building here in a short time at the Ultimate Group. We are extremely proud to have Ryan as part of our great team of Professional Electricians.

Are you an electrician or looking for a job as another skilled laborer? Apply here for any of our open jobs and don’t forget to signup for our newsletter.

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